Southern Raised

June 25
7:00 p.m.


Southern Raised moved to the Ozark Mountains near Branson,
Missouri from Northwest Arkansas in 2004.  Music has been
interwoven throughout much of their lives.  Lindsay, Sarah and
Emily all began on the classical violin, Emily plays the viola as
well and Matthew rounded out the group on the cello.  They
performed in an orchestra and also a quartet together.  Growing
up in the Ozark Mountains, a love for acoustic music quickly
emerged.  Having cut their teeth in the classical genre allowed
them to slide into the acoustic world without missing a beat.   
The two styles have merged together to create a distinct auditory
sensation described as “ethereal” and reveals an intuitiveness with
each other that is as natural as taking a breath.
Southern Raised’s composition and delivery of their music has
amazed audiences young and old alike with smooth refreshing
harmony that reaches right into the soul.  They have the ability to
wake up the spirit in their songs, keeping true to the quality and
yet making it their own with a fresh sound, becoming a Southern
Raised trademark.    “Their musical style is unique, blending their
amazing voices and their abundant instrumental talents to create
a sound unlike any other group I know.  It was a joy to work with
this group, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a
night of music they won’t soon forget.” – Marty Scarbrough, KASU-
FM Program Director

Jeff & Sheri Easter

July 9
7:00 p.m.


Jeff & Sheri have been nominated for numerous Dove Awards
and won six. They’ve also received two career Grammy
nominations, and Sheri has been named the Singing News
Favorite Alto eleven times and the Singing News Female Vocalist
four times. In 2012 Sheri received Alto of the Year by the
National Quartet Convention's first annual awards.  Jeff & Sheri’s
wall of awards also include three Society for the Preservation of
Bluegrass Music Association Awards, two International Country
Gospel Music Association, nine Voice Awards for Female Artist,
five Voice Awards for Song/Single of the Year, two Voice Awards
for Christian Country Group, four SGM Fan Fair/USGN awards,
seven SGN Scoops Diamond Awards, four Hearts Aflame Awards,
and three Cash Box awards. They have also participated in the
Gaither Homecoming Video Series since 1993, which has sold
over 15 million units. Apart from their frequent appearances on
the Gaither Homecoming tour and videos, Jeff & Sheri have a
fairly heavy touring schedule of their own.

Shellem Cline

July 16
7:00 p.m.

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"I feel that God is calling me to share humor, inspiration, and
of course the message of hope in Christ to people that need it
the most, the unbeliever." With this being said, Cline has
focused his music on not only the church, but those who would
never set foot in the churchouse, the ones that need the
message of Christ but is often forgotten about.

Shellem Claims first #1 Hit
Shellem Cline's current radio single "Halfway Down The Aisle"
has climbed to the very top. The tune which was written by
Dianne Wilkinson and Rodney Hedrick is the official number 1
song in the country for January 2016. This is Cline's first
number 1 but many say it will not be the last. The song has
gained major attention over the last month and many DJ's are
calling it a "song that reaches the heart." Cline stated in a
press conference "I am so thankful to have gotten my first
number 1. It is amazing just how good God really is and I
cannot believe how He has blessed me this year. I am looking
forward to even greater things in 2016. Cline's new single
"Why Cant Christians" will go to radio in January and many are
already expecting great things from this very powerful song.

The Jim Brady Trio

August 27
7:00 p.m.


Long before Jim & Melissa Brady met, it was easy to see how God
was ordaining every step, leading them to each other and to a
ministry that would honor Him. They came from very similar
backgrounds, each possessing a rich musical heritage. Jim first
began singing with his family at the age of five and was writing
songs by the time he turned 16. Melissa was an integral part of
her musical family, The Shulers, long before she and Jim met,
and when the two married, Jim joined Melissa and her family,
traveling, singing and ministering across the country. For nearly a
decade the two traveled together with The Shulers, and then
came the opportunity for Jim to join another very talented group,
The Booth Brothers.

The Booth Brothers were just beginning to step onto the national
scene, and had already enjoyed several radio hits. Jim could see
a bright future with brothers, Ronnie and Michael. “This was an
opportunity I felt I couldn’t pass up, and thankfully, Melissa was
100% supportive,” Jim reflects.

The Hoppers

Sept. 17
7:00 p.m.


Multi-award winning family group The Hoppers have been
singing to global audiences for over 55 years with appearances
ranging from presidential religious inaugural ceremonies and
New York’s Carnegie Hall to singing conventions and church
platforms. They have performed throughout the United States as
well as in Israel, Europe and Africa. Their unique blend of
harmonies and song choices have created a legacy of musical
excellence embraced by leading pastors and event organizers.
Known as America’s Favorite Family of Gospel Music, they are
favorites on the Gaither Homecoming videos and tours, and their
recordings frequently land at the top of the BILLBOARD sales
charts and The Singing News radio charts.
Comprised today of family members Claude & Connie, son Dean
and his wife, Kim, and son Mike Hopper, The Hoppers were
formed in 1957 in the rural-farm town of Madison, NC, and have
grown continuously for decades, touching countless lives around
the world. A cancer survivor, Connie has been honored with the
prestigious Marvin Norcross Award, in addition to numerous
industry and fan honors; and she has been inducted into the
Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Sons Dean and Mike have
continued the family legacy with their musical talents and
business abilities; and Kim, Dean’s wife, hails from her own
nationally acclaimed musical family, The Greenes. She is noted
for the excitement she brings to any live performance, and her
unmistakable, rafter-ringing soprano vocals have taken The
Hoppers to new heights for many years.
The Booth Brothers

October 29
7:00 p.m.


Ronnie, Michael, and Paul are deeply committed to musical
excellence yet have a greater desire to impact the hearts of those
listening to their music. Refreshing humor, inspiring songs, and
encouraging words are embedded in every concert. This trio,
collectively and individually, has been acknowledged as one of
the finest in the business having received many awards over the
years, including Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Trio of the
Year, Male Group of the Year, Best Live Performers, Artist of the
Year and others. Although the group is grateful for the
recognition of their work, their aspiration is for all honor and glory
to be God’s alone. Ronnie, Michael, and Paul do not know when
they will no longer climb on the bus and travel the highways to
meet and minister to people. They do know, however, that until
that day comes, they will continue their mission of proclaiming
that Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve salvation and eternal
life and they will never cease announcing to the world that He is
the only One who can give the peace and comfort they desire.
"Decorated with all the trimmings! Christmas music at it's best!"
"Best Christmas concert in the Tri-State"

The Mark Trammell Quartet
& The Whisnants

December  2
7:00 p.m.
For over forty years Mark Trammell has been blessed to sing
Gospel Music.   Something he says, "evolved from a dream to a
life's call; from just singing to ministry."  Many long time
observers and followers of Gospel Music consider him to be one
the greatest baritone singers of all time.   He has won multiple
awards as a singer and producer, and has been a member of
four of Gospel Music's most acclaimed groups - The Kingsmen,
The Cathedrals, Greater Vision and Gold City.   For most
people, just being with one of these legendary groups would be
the pinnacle of a career and justification for resting on your
laurels.   But for Mark now is not the time to kick back and
relax.   Instead, it is time to step into a fresh mission that
focuses on evangelism through the seamless integration of
Gospel Music and preaching - The Mark Trammell Quartet.
If surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the keys of
success, then Mark Trammell might be considered a 'master
locksmith'. Since he was 15 years old, Mark has literally been
surrounded by and sung with some of the most respected men
in Southern Gospel Music including Ray Shelton, Eldridge
Fox, Jim Hamill, Squire Parsons, Ray Reece, Tim Riley, Glen
Payne, and George Younce.
With over 40 years of traveling behind them, The Whisnants
have performed all across the nation and around the world,
including Canada, Hawaii and cruises sailing to the Bahamas,
Belize and Mexico.  The trio has celebrated 13 #1 songs
spanning from 2001 to 2013 and their first single for 2014, “He
Can Move That Stone,” was nominated as a Top 10 Favorite
Song in the Singing News Fan awards (2014).  In 2003, their
ballad “What You Took From Me” ranked #1 on the Singing
News Top 40 Year End Chart as the most played song on radio
and “Even In The Valley” did the same in 2004.  They have
been nominated for Trio of the Year 10 times and received
many individual nominations such as Favorite Young Artist,
Favorite Female Singer, Favorite Alto, etc.  They also have
appeared on the Gospel Music Southern Style Program (INSP
Network), the Gaither Video Taping in Nashville, TN in
February of 2007 and numerous appearances at the National
Quartet Convention.  More importantly, Jeff shares, “I have
asked God to allow us to be the very best that we can be so
that He can use this ministry to touch people’s lives.  He has
done that!”  The achievements The Whisnants have acquired
over the years are a testimony to the blessings God has placed
on their ministry and they seek to use them to bring glory to
their Lord in every concert.